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I'm big fan of Foursquare, and its potential to connect people with where they live. One of the cool features of Foursquare are the nicely designed virtual badges you can earn by doing certain things.  Lately, I notice Chicago and NYC (via WSJ) have specific badges for their cities Here is the deal, I don't like the fact that New York and Chicago can have their own Foursquare badges (especially Chicago) and Milwaukee doesn't have a single city specific badge.  I would love to see foursquare develop some virtual badges for Milwaukee, but we need to figure out what kind of badges would be best for Milwaukee.  I have some ideas for badges, which I will present in this post, but I would love to see other people's ideas for badges.  Maybe we can collect all the suggestions, have people vote for the top 5 suggestions and submit them to foursquare. Let me know.

Here are my suggestions:

Fish Fry Badge - Visit 5 different fish fries in the city

Gallery Night Badge - Visit 5 galleries on gallery night.

Brew City Badge - Visit 5 different breweries

Summerfest Badge - Go to Summerfest 3 consecutive days

Riverwester - visit 20 different venues in Riverwest

Bay View Baller Badge - visit 20 different venues in Bay View

Growing Power Badge - visit Growing Power

Block Party badge - visit 5 different street festivals or block parties

Bronze Fonze Badge - I really don't know about this one.

Those are some of my suggestions, I love to hear yours, and maybe we can start a petition for the best suggestions.