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Twin Shadow on World Cafe | October 25, 2012

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Few artists channel the spirit of '80s new wave as infectiously as George Lewis Jr., better known by the stage name Twin Shadow. Lewis wears his '80s pop influences on his sleeve throughout his recent second album, Confess: The sleek synth-pop vibe of "Five Seconds" recalls Duran Duran, while "Run My Heart" evokes Bruce Springsteen power ballads and Lewis' breathy, straightforward vocals convey the swagger of Prince. Lewis' R&B leanings help give Twin Shadow's sound its own distinct, surprisingly modern identity.

The inspiration for Confess came from a series of motorcycle rides which Lewis took after an accident, and the result reflects his youthful energy. Even the Dominican-born songwriter's fist-pumping anthems ponder rejection and desperation — which couldn't come as too much of a surprise, given that Lewis doubles as a novelist. In this World Cafe session, Twin Shadow performs tracks from Confess and chats about the project with host David Dye. (Link)

Listen to the Twin Shadow Session here.

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Death Cab for Cutie "You’re a Tourist" Codes and Keys
Passion Pit "Take a Walk" Gossamer
Janelle Monae "Tightrope" The Archandroid
Ian Hunter & the Rant Band "When I’m President" When I’m President
Pete Yorn "Strange Condition" Musicforthemorningafter
((Twin Shadow "When the Movie is Over" Recorded Live for the World Cafe))
Twin Shadow "Five Seconds" Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Twin Shadow "Run My Heart" Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Twin Shadow "When the Movie’s Over" Recorded Live for the World Cafe
((Twin Shadow "Five Seconds" Recorded Live for the World Cafe))
My Morning Jacket "Holding On to Black Metal" Circuital
Midnight Oil "Blue Sky Mine" Blue Sky Mining
John K Samson "When I Write My Master’s Thesis" Provincial
((Josh Ritter "Mind's Eye" The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter))
Bruce Springsteen "Blinded By the Light" Greetings From Asbury Park
Chuck Berry "No Particular Place to Go" The Great Twenty-Eight
The Black Keys "Dead and Gone" El Camino
The Gaslight Anthem "Handwritten" Handwritten
Dr. Dog "That Old Black Hole" Be the Void
((JD McPherson "Firebug" Recorded Live for the World Cafe))
John Prine "Angel From Montgomery" John Prine
Mumford & Sons "If I Needed You" Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros "Man on Fire" Here
Shivaree "Goodnight Moon" I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head for Making Me Live in This Dump
((Dr. John "Revolution" Locked Down))
Kopecky Family Band "Heartbeat" Kids Raising Kids
Vampire Weekend "Horchchata" Contra
Thievery Corporation "The Numbers Game" Radio Retaliation
David & David "Welcome to the Boomtown" Boomtown
The XX "Angels" Coexist
((Burial "Homeless" Untrue))