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Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks On World Cafe | November 3, 2011

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Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks formed after Malkmus' previous band, Pavement, went on hiatus in 1999. Five albums later, Malkmus has evolved as much as he's returned to his roots: He's sometimes focused and refined, other times lithe and unpredictable. The Jicks' latest album, Mirror Traffic, was produced by Beck, whose deft touch serves to tighten Malkmus' notorious looseness.

Mirror Traffic is an enigmatic mix of catchy tunes and lyrical mischief. Malkmus' tautology comes in a relentless downpour of stream-of-consciousness storytelling, while his melodies remain darkly unpredictable. Malkmus is a wordsmith even in his interview on today's World Cafe; his metaphorical musings on the process of songwriting and recording entertain as well as mystify.(link)


Hour 1

(( )) for interlude music
Broken Social Scene "7/4 (Shoreline)" Broken Social Scene
St. Vincent "Cruel" Strange Mercy
Spoon "The Beast and the Dragon, Adore" Gimee Fiction
Twin Sister "Bad Street" In Heaven

((St. Vincent "Surgeon" Recorded Live for the World Cafe))

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks "Asking Price" Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks "Stick Figures In Love" Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks "Senator" Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks "All Over Gently" Recorded Live for the World Cafe

((Sam Roberts Band "Last Crusade" Recorded Live for the World Cafe))

Pete Townshend "My Baby Gives It Away" Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Prince "When You Were Mine" Dirty Mind
Glossary "Trouble Won't Last Always" Long Live All of Us

Hour 2

The Smiths "How Soon is Now" The Best Of CMJ 1979-1989
Kathleen Edwards "Change the Sheets" Voyageur
Delta Spirit "Bushwick Blues" History From Below
The Heavy "How You Like Me Now?" The House that Dirt Built
Etta James "Shakey Ground" Seven Year Itch

((The Tallest Man On Earth "Thousand Ways" The Wild Hunt))

The Beach Boys "Gee" The Smile Sessions
The Beach Boys "Heroes & Villains" The Smile Sessions
Teenage Fan Club "The Concept" Bandwagonesque
The Rolling Stones "No Spare Parts" Some Girls
Gram Parsons "Still Feeling Blue" G.P./Grevious Angel
((Roman Candle "One More Road" Oh Tall Tree In The Ear))
CANT "Believe" Dreams Come True
Talking Heads "Swamp" Speaking in Tongues
Rilo Kiley "Silver Lining" Under the Blacklight
((Real Estate "Suburban Beverage" Real Estate))