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Rodriguez on World Cafe | October 18, 2012

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Detroit singer-songwriter Rodriguez has finally found the fame that had eluded him for more than four decades. In the early '70s, he achieved cult status in South Africa, while at home, he remained virtually unknown. His public obscurity sparked rumors that he'd killed himself, but while he was alive and well, he'd retreated from music, earning a philosophy degree while working as a demolition man.

Searching for Sugar Man is a film documentary which chronicles the efforts of two South African fans trying to piece together information about Rodriguez's life. They finally find the folk-rocker doing manual labor, unaware of his music's profound popularity abroad. In this World Cafe session, you'll hear from Rodriguez himself, as well as the producers of his records, the people who found him and the director of the documentary about how it all happened. (link)


Hour 1

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Rodriguez “Climb Up on My Music” Coming From Reality
Rodriguez “Inner City Blues” Searching for Sugarman
Rodriguez “Like Janis” Searching for Sugarman
Rodriguez “Cause” Searching for Sugarman
((Rodriguez “Sandrevan Lullaby” Coming from Reality))
Rodriguez “This is Not a Song, It’s an Outburst: Or, The Establishment Blues” Searching for Sugarman
Rodriguez “I Wonder” Searching for Sugarman
Rodriguez “I Think of You” Searching for Sugarman
Rodriguez “Can’t Get Away” Searching for Sugarman
Rodriguez “I’ll Slip Away” Searching for Sugarman
((Rodriguez “Sandrevan Lullaby” Coming from Reality))
Rodriguez “Street Boy” Searching for Sugarman
Rodriguez “Crucify Your Mind” Searching for Sugarman
Rodriguez “Jane S. Piddy” Searching for Sugarman