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A Live Top 5!

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My Morning Jacket "One Big Holiday"

- This pick is actually from our festival specialist Tarik Moody who after his recent jaunt out at Bonaroo this spring, declared MMJ the "best" live band touring today. Respect the "Architect."


Beck "Loser"

- I was in college when this single caught fire, so when he came to town (The Rave I believe) for the first time, everyone went. And were mostly disappointed and didn't really understand who he was, as it turns out, he's pretty dang good-- not a loser at all...


Roots "The Seed w/ Cody Chesnutt"

- A pick from Jordan, who has had the opportunity to open for the Roots on occasion. Picked largely for their incomparable ability to be open to ideas and break away from any kind of cookie-cutter ideas of what hip hop should be. 


Phish "Wolfman's Brother"

- New Orleans Louisiana. Jazz Fest. I didn't even like this band before I saw them on the Jazz Fest grounds. After this show, I understood what the new hippies couldn't convey.


The Flaming Lips "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song"

- Has to be number one here (go figure we are at Summerfest after all!) and their shows are the stuff of legend. Lights, check. Video, check. Sounds big enough to fill a stadium, check. Why wouldn't you want to check out this group? They'll be playing Saturday at 10pm at the Harley Davidson Roadhouse, and prolly taking over Summerfest with their uber-dynamic live set. See you there!