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Freedom Sounds... Like A Vacation

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Morphine "Let's Take A Trip Together" - Mark Sandman may have been talking about another kind of trip here... de gustibus non est diputandem est... we'll just assume something a bit more conventional and give it the benefit no matter your doubt.


Roger Troutman & The Human Body "Freedom" - Sometimes a vacation is just a bit of time at home. But one thing is certain, you need a bit of freedom to make it happen; right on Roger!


Weezer "Island In The Sun" - Not only is the song perfect for our theme today, but when you listen to it, it sounds like an island in the sun...and who doesn't think of islands like three seconds after thinking the very word 'vacation'?


T-Bone Walker "Vacation" - When the world had nearly forgotten about this legendary bluesman, he took a vacation to Paris and recorded this on an album that brought his career and accomplishments back into critical focus; the perfect hermaneutical circle for our theme today-- a song crafted on vacation called "Vacation", these are the juices re-charged!


Rupert Holmes "Escape(The Pina Colada Song)" - C'mon, this song is a vacation.