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A Candied Heart Countdown-- The Weekly Top 5

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David Gray "Be Mine"

-Nothing says sweet quite like  David Gray. Matter of fact, in a few years they may just put his face on one of those saccharinely sweet candies if he keeps writing these love songs...


Portishead "All Mine"

Okay. Maybe this is a black-hearted candy heart, but the message is perfect all the same. Still sweet, this song is less saccharine maybe syrupy. Thanks Stacy T. (from Facebook) for this choice.


Van Morrison "Sweet Thing"

A RadioMilwaukee favorite, and perhaps a perfect love song for this countdown for not one, but two lines that could work well on any candied heart. 


Average White Band "Kiss Me"

Believe it or not, AWB has been on the T5C more than any other artist not named Bob Marley. Good to have some go-to funk good for any occasion.


Blondie "Call Me"

And at #1 Blondie's "Call Me," a song title that I've actually gotten on a candy heart myself. And, a fun song to end our ritual Top 5 Countown with...

Any suggestions for a Top 5 theme? send 'em to marcus@radiomilwaukee.org