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Sound Travels Wednesday: Angola 70 II

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soundtravels_logo Sound Travels Wednesday Angola 70 Mix II [Audio=1] More of that Angolan fix for you. The sound is Semba and the vibe is revolution, mixed with pervasive social change. I love the music for the way that it makes me feel. More than for lyrical content, as I speak very little Portuguese and even less Bantu; I simply love the feel of the music. Though it should also be noted that the music comes from a profound period in the nation's history as they were wresting freedom from the Portuguese and (ultimately) about to do some national soul-searching in the form of a brutal civil war. Spirited times indeed, and the music bears this fruit... If you missed the set this is what it looked like. Tracklisting: Rudolfo Kituxi "Nguitabule" Angola 80 Bonga "Ku Tando" Angola '72 António dos Santos "Quando Eu Morrer" Angola - The greatest songs from the 60's and the 70's Unknown "Ministro Gatuno" Conjuto Os Tropicais "Saudades de Triago" So Merengue vol. 2 Orquesta Semba Tropical "Ku Tambi ya Veya Kaombo" Angola '80 Ciros Cordeiro da Mata "Kappopola Makongo (Moreno Veloso RMX)" Comfusões 1 - From Angola To Brasil