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Lee "Scratch" Perry, New Works

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A Lee "Scratch" Perry week on Sound Travels has been in order for a while now. The guy was genius, the best kind of genius at that; the crazy kind. Throughout his career he's been unafaid of being different, embraced it really (if he could ever really help it), and that has distinctly worked in his favor. He's always made music his way and rather than going with sonic trends and imitating others in the reggae world, he's consistently produced the wierdest, coolest most visionary music the reggae world has heard.

At times, he really doesn't get his due. His early work is classic at best, cool at worst. His middle period is as dope as any other producer and to me, an absolute favorite when it comes to Jamaican producers. But what is Scratch up to these days? Far from being contently retired, Scratch has never stopped; ignored, but not done, Scatch still averages an album a year, makes guest appearances on others and hasn't really lost much.

The voice is a bit weaker, but the willingness to move reggae into strange places has consistently produced good results. And you still get the feeling that he's still ex"Perry"menting. From dubstep to modern dub and from jungle to islander R&B and techno, the set I played today is proof. Peep em...

Lee "Scratch" Perry Tracklist:

"Higher Level" Rise Again (with TV On The Radio)


"I'm Not A Human Being" Super Ape Inna Jungle


"Buster Dub" Techno Dub (with Mad Professor)


"Don't Touch My Shadow" Who Put The Voodoo 'Pon Reggae?


"Secret Laboratory (Rootah Remix)" Jahtarian Dubbers vol. 3 (with Dub Sydicate)