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Are You Feeling This: Stacy Epps, The Stills and Into Arcadia

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Check out this week's "Are You Feeling This".  We have three new songs we want you to check out and let us know what you think.  Also vote for your favorite one in our "Are You Feeling This" poll below.  In case you missed the songs you can listen to them below.  This week we have songs from MC and singer Stacy Epps, Montreal based band The Stills, and Milwaukee band Into Arcadia.

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Stacy Epps - "Floatin'" from the album The Awakening


Stacy Epps is an Atlanta based MC and singer. She has worked with some of the finest underground hip hop artists such as Madlib, MF Doom, J Rawls who we have in rotation on the station.  She has the spiritual essences of Alice Coltrane, mixed with abstraction of Bjork, the spaciness of Radiohead and drums of J-Dilla.

The Stills - "Snow in California" from the album Oceans will Rise


The Montreal based band The Stills launched their career with a stately post-punk sound inspired by the likes of Echo & the Bunnymen and Joy Division. All the members known each other since the age of 12. Oceans Will Rise saw the Stills stretching their boundaries even further, this time incorporating sonic experimentalism and uplifting, anthemic rock. (All Music)

Into Arcadia - "Distance=Time" from the album Maps for Children


Into Arcadia is a Milwaukee band that just released their debut album Maps for Children.  They were our guests last week on 414 Music.