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a:MKE: Three of a Kind, U.S. Army Base in Bay View, Nelson Mandela, US stealth bombers and Kenosha Parents for Childern 3.28.13

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Ald. Tony Zielinski has called for a community meeting regarding the proposed use for the former U.S. Army Reserve base in Bay View. Todd Gawronski, a volleyball enthusiast and partner-operator at Bradford Beach and the SURG Restaurant Group are working on a proposal to create a multipurpose sports, wellness and entertainment facility on the vacant owned parcel. Development commissioner Rocky Marcoux said the land is better suited for a housing development. Members of the Bay View community are invited to attend the meeting next Tuesday at 6:30pm at Bay View High School.

The U.S. said Thursday it flew stealth bombers over South Korea to participate in annual military exercises amid spiking tensions with North Korea. The B-2 Spirit bombers flew more than 6,500 miles from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri to South Korea, dropping inert munitions there as a part of the exercises, before returning to the U.S. mainland. There was no immediate reaction to the statement from the North Korean Central News Agency.

Nelson Mandela, the anti-apartheid leader who became South Africa's first black president, has been admitted to a hospital with a recurring lung infection. The 94-year old Nobel laureate spent three weeks the hospital in December where he was treated for a lung infection and had a procedure to remove gallstones. 

More than a hundred parents, students and teacher picketed outside Kenosha Unified School's headquarters this week as part of Kenosha Parents For Children, a group that formed at the beginning of the school year in opposition of changes made to education in the district. Issues include changes made to the middle school honors program, how the district is spending money as well as larger class sizes.

Three of a Kind = BUNNIES!


A.  "Do It Clean"  Echo and the Bunnymen
Hugh Marston Hefner, born April 9th, 1926, is an American magazine publisher.
B. "At The Hop" Danny and the Juniors
Here are the names of three famous ones... Peter, Roger, Eddie
C.  "I'm Late" The White Rabbit.
As a child, Dori had one's foot on her keychain. (until she realized what it was and got rid of it...GROSS!)