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a.MKE: Sponsorships, sky diving, Nobel Prizes and safety signs 10.9.12

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MillerCoors, the Milwaukee Bucks and the BMO Harris Bradley Center announced Monday a 10-year sponsorship renewal that keeps Miller as the team's exclusive beer sponsor. The relationship between the Bucks and the old Miller Brewing Co started back in 1968.

Skydiver Felix Baumgartner from Roswell, NM is hoping to make a record-breaking free-fall jump from 120,000 feet about the earth. That's more than three times the cruising altitude of an airliner.  He will be wearing noting but a space suit, a helmet and a parachute. Felix hopes to be the first person to break the sound barrier in only a spacesuit. 

New road signs with technology designed to reduce wrong-way driver crashes will be installed at 6 free-way locations in Milwaukee county by Thanksgiving. The signs will have radar detecting drivers headed the wrong way that will trigger flashing lights and also send a message to the police.

Milwaukee native David Wineland has been awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in quantum optics. Wineland works at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado.