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a.MKE: Oh, Beck...., Kyle Cherek pops by to talk about Julia and a new pop-up beer garden.

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Wisconin Foodie Kyle Cherek joins us this morning to discuss how Milwaukee is poised to celebrate what would have been Julia Child's 100th birthday. To hear what he is up to and our interview with him, click play below:

Beck's new collection of songs are NOT being released in recorded form. His latest project, Song Reader, is a colaboration with the acclaimed publishing house, McSweeney's. You will find 20 booklets containing sheet music for others to play, packaged in a hard cover caring case including original art and essays.

After writing about Milwaukee's brewing history and "Forgotten Tales of Wisconsin", local author Martin Hintz is releasing his latest book about the home grown food movement in Wisconsin. "Wisconsin Farm Lore: Kicking Cows, Giant Pumpkins and Other Tales from the Back Forty" is available now in paperback.

The Romney campaign announced Friday Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan will be Mitt Romney's running mate.

This Friday debuts the first "Pop-Up Beer Garden" at Pere Marquette Park. The event opens from Noon to 9pm every Friday until the end of September and includes live polka music. Whoever gets the last cup of beer from the first keg will win a Westown prize package.

This day in HER-STORY: Annie Oakley, one of the greatest female sharpshooters in American history, is born in Patterson Township, Ohio in 1860.

This day in HER-STORY: Everyone knows Elvis Presley's 1956 hit, Hound Dog.  The song was FIRST recorded on this day in 1952 by the rhythm-and-blues singer Ellie May "Big Mama" Thorton in Los Angeles.