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a.MKE The List: Youth Concussion Bill for WI & Preserving Money for Bike & Pedestrian Projects : Today’s Top Stories

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Representative Thomas Petri is leading a push to preserve money for bicycle and pedestrian projects that were eliminated from the transportation bill. Petri basically drafted an amendment that keeps money flowing to states for bike and pedestrian improvements and safe routes to schools. President of the Trek Bicycle Corporation, John Burke, also supports Petri and said, “bicycling and walking are critical to keeping our communities moving with healthy, safe and accessible transportation options.”

With tax season here, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue is making another effort to collect taxes on out-of-state purchases. The department wants taxpayers to look through their records from 07 to 2010 to find any taxes on out-of-state purchases that may have been overlooked. The goal is to have taxpayers understand tax law and to remind them of their responsibility to pay the use tax. Payments should be in by February 17th.

Yesterday marked day one for public school open enrollment for the next school year. It gives parents the opportunity to apply to send their kids to a school district other than their home district. The new law extends the period to April 30th. Governor Walker said,“open enrollment empowers parents with additional educational opportunities for students.”

The NFL, the Packers and a bunch of medical groups are pushing to gain final legislative approval for a youth concussion bill. The Assembly passed the bill last year, but now it’s being stalled in the Senate. The bill basically develops guidelines and other information to educate coaches, athletes and their parents about the risk of concussions and head injuries within youth athletics, saying once a person is suspected of a concussion; they should be removed from the activity immediately. At least 31 states have some form of youth concussion legislation.

Hari Trivedi is the newest candidate who will be running for governor if a recall election of Governor Walker is held. You might have seen a couple of his ads run before and after the Superbowl game. Trivedi is a kidney specialist who lives in Brookfield and calls himself a middle-of-the-road candidate who wants to find ways to bring more money to the state.  He said, “I intend to win. It’s as simple as that.”

Local Milwaukee High School of the Arts student, Felix Ramsey, is one of eight students heading across the country to perform at the Grammys next Sunday. Ramsey was selected for the weeklong “Grammy Camp – Jazz Session”. It features 30 high school students from 30 cities. Ramsey said he is blessed to have such an opportunity.