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a.MKE The List: Walker's Deadline to Challenge Recall Petitions Against Him & County Exec. Chris Abele to Give State of County Address: Today’s Top Stories

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Community leaders, MPS students and many others gathered together to address ways to fight youth violence during a rally for peace this past Saturday at Washington High School. The rally also brought together city officials like Mayor Barrett and Alderman Willie Hines. MPS students took the lead in organizing and facilitating the event. The rally also highlighted MPS programs geared toward anti-violence. Mayor Barrett said, “We want to make sure that we’ve got a safer city for the young people and for everyone.”

President Obama’s Presidential Campaign recently announced its 35 national “co-chairs” and two Wisconsinites are among that group. Former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold and Milwaukee’s Felesia Martin, who was one of five Obama volunteers from around the country, were both named as honorary national co-chairs. The campaign said that Feingold, Martin and the others will, “Serve as ambassadors for the president, advise the campaign on key issues, and help engage and mobilize voters in all 50 states.”

Last week, Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess said he would not give Governor Walker any additional time to review the 1 million recall petitions against him, which means today is Governor Walker’s deadline to challenge any of the signatures. Niess’ decision also keeps in place the Government Accountability Board’s March 19th deadline for deciding whether the recall elections should be held for Walker, LT. Gov Rebecca Kleefisch and four GOP Senators.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele will give his first “State of the County” Speech today at UW-Milwaukee. In the past, Abele has pushed for government efficiencies and delivered his promise of a no property tax increase budget for 2012. Abele’s budget covered a $55 million gap by shifting benefit costs onto employees and by cutting into Sheriff David Clarke’s budget. His speech is open to the public.

This is pretty nuts. So by the end of the year, Google may be selling glasses. “Google Glasses”…the NYTimes reported that these glasses would essentially stream information to the wearer’s eyeballs in real time. The glasses would come with a small screen that will allow users to get info about nearby locations, the weather, friends who might be close by and other things. They’re reportedly going to cost between $250 and $600. Some worry what may happen if someone tries to drive with the glasses on or how much info they’ll be transmitting to Google about where you are, what you do or who you see.

MPS is receiving a $90,000 grant from corporate partner AT&T, which is the fourth installment of a $360,000 “High School Success” grant that was awarded four years ago. This grant aims to help raise math achievement and reduce suspensions at Bradley Tech and Vincent high schools…which have been two schools targeted with grants to improve outcomes for students and it just so happens that both schools saw an increase in math scores from the fall of 09 to the fall of 2010.