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amKE The List: Rosebud gets fresh paint, Sheboygan surfs, DNA mobile testing and BP get's sued 8.28.12

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The Rosebud Cinema is set to re-open at 6:30pm on August 31st under the new leadership of Lee Barzak, owner of the Sheridan House Hotel. The food and bar will be managed by David Gigl from the Sheridan's Cafe. Larry Widen, former owner of the Theater, will continue to manage the movies. Movie programming, improvements and information can be found here.

This weekend, the largest freshwater surfing event in the world is being held in Sheboygan for the 24th year. The Dairyland Surf Classic kicks off on Friday with events all Labor Day weekend. The first full day of competition starts at 9am on Saturday at Deland Park. 

Food trucks have become a staple in most of the major cities across the US. and now entrepreneurs are providing even more goods and services on four wheels. A who's your daddy DNA testing truck can be seen cruising around New York City, offering on-the-spot DNA testing services starting at $299.

BP is processing 6,500 claims from drivers who's vehicles have been damaged from using recalled gas last week. 330 of those drivers are from Wisconsin. Last week, the company recalled 2.1 million gallons of gas that contained high levels of tar-like deposits that can cause cars to stall, to have problems starting and drive roughly.