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a.MKE The List: Gingrich Officially Suspends his Campaign & Progressive Community Health Centers Latest Grant: Today's Top Stories

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Yesterday former House Speaker Newt Gingrich officially suspended his presidential campaign while in Arlington. Gingrich won South Carolina back in January and Georgia in March, but since then he’s continued to lose to both Santorum and Romney. Gingrich said, “I never could have predicted either the low points or the high points”. The Federal Election Commission filings showed that the Gingrich Campaign was more than $4 million in debt. With Gingrich’s official exit, it now leaves only Romney and Ron Paul as declared, active candidates.

Governor Walker made a big jobs announcement yesterday at Spancrete’s World Headquarters in Waukesha.  Spancrete provides concrete products, services and machines. The company will hire 30 new employees over the next 45 days. Jobs and the economy are the hot topics right now, especially leading up to the recall election. Earlier this week Walker announced a $1 million economic development project called “Transform Milwaukee”. The project will focus on industrial, residential and transportation links between the city’s 30th Street Corridor, the Menomonee Valley, the Port of Milwaukee and Mitchell Airport.

Progressive Community Health Centers recently won a $5 million federal grant to replace its clinic in one of Milwaukee’s poorest neighborhoods. The health center plans to replace its clinic on Lisbon Avenue with an updated and expanded, $10 million clinic. This move could eventually double the number of patients within the center. Progressive is just one of five community health centers in Wisconsin that will receive a total of $16.1 million in federal grants to expand. Majority of these health centers are located in low-income urban neighborhoods, and provide care primarily for people covered by Medicaid and for the uninsured.

Neu-Life Community Resource Center is introducing teens to web-based tools to plan gardens. The Neu-Life youth have been planting at Alice’s Garden on North 21st Street for the past seven years. The afterschool program has been using a website called “Growveg.com” which provides resources and logistics for planting a vegetable garden. The site has helped youth develop their garden frames and figure out raised beds, weeds, water and clean up efforts. Neu-Life focuses on positive youth development and gives teens skills beyond gardening.

The Potawatomi Business Development Corporation will start construction Monday on its $36 million data center in Milwaukee’s Concordia Neighborhood. The new center will be designed for midsize to large businesses that need at least 1,000 square feet of information storage space. Data Industry Executive, Dan McGrath said, “Currently, there is not a data center in Southeastern Wisconsin that has the level and scale of technology that data holdings offers.”

Wisconsin hosted its first ever teen state summit last week and now Oak Creek High School students are driving home an important message: don’t text behind the wheel. Roughly 800 teens from across the state met in Wisconsin Dells to talk about the dangers of texting while driving. To emphasis these dangers, the teens showed the AT&T documentary “The Last Text”, which is about real-life stories of people whose lives changed because of texting behind the wheel, in addition to presentations of the hazards of distracted driving. Students were told about Wisconsin’s law prohibiting sending an email or text while driving, and were asked to sign a pledge vowing not to text and drive.