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a.MKE The List: GAB Must Verify All Names on Petitions & The Guest House of Milwaukee Celebrates 30 Years: Today’s Top Stories

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A Waukesha County Judge recently issued a ruling demanding that the Government Accountability Board must verify recall names on all petitions against Governor Walker. The judge said, “it’s the job of state election officials to remove names that are obviously fake and signatures that are duplicates or ineligible.” With less than two weeks away from the petition deadline, the board’s office is likely to be swamped with tens of thousands of recall petitions against Governor Walker.

Wisconsin’s Women’s Business Initiative received a $20,000 grant from the “Create Jobs for USA Fund”. The grant is intended to help spur community business lending throughout Wisconsin. The Women’s Business Initiative does this by providing small loans to entrepreneurs and focuses on business and financial education.

Well the Brewers are back at it, over the weekend sales started for 10-game packs for the 2012 season, including a ticket to opening day on April 6th against St. Louis. Before, the team sold only 9-pack tickets, but this year the crew will provide five different plans for the season, all featuring ten home games, plus opening day or any other game of the fan’s choice.

In about two weeks, Governor Walker will give his second “state of the state” address at the Assembly Chamber. Walker is expected to deliver this speech on January 25th, which is a week after the deadline for a recall group to file 540,000 signatures needed to force a recall election on Walker.

Well the time has come; Lambeau Field’s $143 million construction project is now well underway. Roughly 60 some workers are on the job right now but looking ahead, 300 workers will be needed to work on the north and south end-zone areas. So far, steel work is up where the new stadium gate will be. The project is being funded in a variety of ways, one being the ongoing stock sale, which is expected to raise tens of millions of dollars.

Today The Guest House of Milwaukee along with the Brewers Community Foundation are kicking off its 30-year Anniversary of helping out Milwaukee’s homeless population. The Brewer’s racing sausages will even be there to help set up cots for homeless men to sleep on later in the night. The Guest House is proud to serve men in its emergency shelter, and wants to push the message that, “providing something as simple as a warm place to sleep can make all the difference for some individuals."

For some reason Gawker thinks it’d be a great idea for Bono to be the CEO of the New York Times. On paper it makes sense, but who reads on paper?

Are you the type of person who loses their stuff constantly. As long as you don’t use your phone, this could help you keep track of all your other stuff.

The cost of the penny and nickel are rising. Again...bears repeating