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AMKE: The List 9-20-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

President Obama announced his new tax proposals yesterday. He called for $3 trillion in new tax revenue as part of his long-term deficit reduction plan. This plan doesn’t change in social security and does not include an increase in the Medicare eligibility age. But it does include the new taxes with $250 billion in reductions in Medicare spending and over $300 billion in cuts in other mandatory benefit programs.

The Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson, is in Milwaukee and will give the keynote address during today’s Water Summit Conference at Discovery World. Jackson will talk about how the EPA, local governments, small , and the water industry can work together to develop water innovations that will clean water and help drive our local economy.

There’s a new report out of Madison saying that kids are getting less sleep because of “electronic media”. Kids spend an average seven to eight hours a day plugged into cell phones, video games and TV. Kids ages 8 to 18 are losing anywhere from 10 to 14 hours of sleep per week. There’s a site for tips on how to get kids to spend more time outside and reduce the media time.

Authorities are predicting that Milwaukee’s measles case may rise this week. The City Health Department now confirmed three cases, one adult one child and an infant. There are extended hours at free clinics, offering the two MMR shots required to stop the measles.

Milwaukee was recently recognized for our urban farms and ability to improve access to healthy food and revitalizing neighborhoods. An international team from the technology and consulting firm, IBM, spent three weeks analyzing cities with the theme “Smarter Cities Feed Themselves.” Milwaukee was named one of twenty four “high potential” cities around the world that could improve quality of life in areas of water, energy, health care, and transportation to name a few. The team stopped by Growing Power, Sweet Water Organics and Natural Green Farms.

A lot of Netflix users must have been really upset over the subscription changes. CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, posted on the Netflix blog saying that it would split its DVD-by mail service and its steaming video service into two companies. The DVD only company will be called Qwikster, and it will be completely separate from the streaming business. Hastings said the price hike made them lose more subscribers than they expected.  Qwikster will be launching soon…