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AMKE: The List 9-2-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

It’s been nearly a week since Hurricane Irene stormed the East Coast, and now Hurricane Katia is making its way through the central Atlantic with winds up to 75 MPH. Forecasters are saying that Katia could strengthen and become a major hurricane by this weekend, possibly hitting the U.S. Gulf coast.

Everyone’s talking about President Obama’s speech to Congress…more or less because of when it is. He’s giving his speech on the economic agenda before the Packers and Saints game next Thursday, but the White House Communications Director said the speech would be done in time for kickoff which is set for 7:30 Central, but it’s still a matter of how NBC will handle the pregame festivities to mark the opening of the NFL season.

Labor Day weekend is here and there’s still a lot of construction that needs to be done on certain highways. But officials said that highway projects throughout the state will actually end at noon today and won’t start again until Tuesday morning. So the reconstruction of I-94 from Mitchell Interchange to the Illinois border and Highway 41 in the Fox River Valley will be put on hold this weekend. It will be nice to have a smoother ride wherever you’re going.

Also a reminder that Milwaukee Public Libraries are closed today for Labor Day weekend and will reopen with normal hours on Tuesday.

You may have spotted some random doors on streets and sidewalks downtown this week but there’s good reason for that. The doors are part of an interesting campaign to grab attention for the city’s first annual “Doors Open Milwaukee”. It’s a chance for residents to explore Milwaukee’s urban environment. Over 100 downtown sites will open their doors to the public for an exclusive tour, some places are the U.S. Bank observation deck, the Allen Bradley Clock Tower, and behind the curtain at the Pabst. The event is set for September 24th and 25th.

Republican Frank Lasee plans to run for the U.S. Senate seat, which is currently held by U.S. Senator Herb Kohl. Other recent announcements for the run were former Congressman Mark Neumann and Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald. The election is set for November of 2012.

Milwaukee’s Art Museum’s Summer of China exhibit is one of the most popular attractions ever. Museum officials said that more than 100,000 people visited the museum since the China series opened in June, and that another 30,000 visitors are expected to go before it closes on September 11th.

Made in Milwaukee, it’s a perfect description because this Saturday you can find made in Milwaukee at Cathedral Square Park. It’s where local artists, coffee roasters, bakers, musicians, brewers, restaurants, basically everything local will be there. It’s a chance for community members to get to know one another and the businesses they tend to visit. I spoke with founder Chuck Watson and MC Oneself who will be working alongside Jordan and they’re really looking forward to it.