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AMKE: The List 8-30-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

Hurricane Irene moved north yesterday into Canada and left a wet, expensive mess for communities of the mid-Atlantic and northeast. At least 24 people have died from the storm. Some lights and power lines were up and running after cleanup efforts started yesterday and the New York City subway was back on track in time for morning commuters. But there’s still a lot left to clean up and millions without power. Vermont is seeing the worst when it comes to massive flooding.

Former Republican Congressman Mark Neumann said he’s going to run for the U.S. Senate Seat, which is currently held by retiring U.S. Senator Herb Kohl.  Neumann lost the Republican Primary to Scott Walker last year, and now he thinks the time is right to run again. Neumann hopes to balance the federal budget and bring jobs back to Wisconsin.

The Packers will open their season on September 8th at Lambeau Field against the New Orleans Saints, but the event is going to be much bigger than a typical opening day. It will actually start the "Back to Football" Campaign. Over 100,000 people are expected to watch the game and three concerts including Kid Rock, Maroon Five and Lady Antebellum. It's going to be a two or three day event leading up to opening day.

And speaking of the Packers…the BoDeans have a new single and it’s about the Packers. It’s called “Lambeau Let’s Go.” Kurt Neumann actually wrote the song, sang it and played every instrument on it. If nothing happens with the song, the Neumanns hope it might at least get them a seat at a game. The BoDeans are working on a new album.

President Obama chose Labor Economist, Alan Krueger, as his top administration post. Krueger will head the White House Council of Economic Advisors and help out with solutions for our fragile economy. Krueger is replacing Austan Goolsbee who left the administration earlier this month.

Admission Possible is the newest addition to the Schlitz Park Center. The non-profit organization makes college admission possible for low-income students. Admission Possible is the second tenant since the renovation of the river front office park. It will move into the area on Thursday. The park’s renovation plan includes remodeling over 350,000 square feet of office space. It’s currently home to Manpower Group and Time Warner.

Well there’s no denying how well the Brewers are doing…both on the field and off. They’re expecting to sell their three millionth ticket this week. Team officials said it would be the third time since 08 that the franchise reached three million in attendance. And tonight’s game is close to a sellout.