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AMKE: The List 8-23-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

Child poverty across the country has increased in 38 states …this is coming from the Anne E. Casey Foundation. Wisconsin fared better than the national average but unfortunately we saw the same trend, with child poverty rising from 10% in 2000 to 17% in 09, putting us 18th on the list. Wisconsin’s Council on Children and Families has details on how you can help fight child poverty in our state.

In a tight economy - there's good news for "Goodwill"...

Milwaukee's Goodwill retail chain has one of the fastest growth plans in the areas. Goodwill’s throughout southeastern Wisconsin expanded quite a bit in the last five years. We have 42 Goodwill stores in Milwaukee and there are plans to add five more stores by next year. Goodwill’s are helpful for those looking for clothes, household items and toys for their kids…Basically items at a good value that fit their needs.

There have been talks of a bike and pedestrian lane on the Hoan Bridge for quite some time, but lately, the talks went from a “no” to a “maybe”. Residents are invited to share their ideas at a neighborhood meeting in Bay View tonight. The session starts at 5 at the Beluah Briton Community Center. The Department of Transportation will be there to listen and give consideration to a bike lane, especially because the bridge reconstruction will start soon.

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan said no to running for president in 2012. There were talks that he might make a late jump into the race, but instead of the presidential race, it looks like he will go for re-election to Congress in 2012.

Volunteers from Ernst and Young along with Longfellow School recently packed over 1,000 backpacks…filling the packs with pens, crayons, rulers, flash drives…all for each of the school’s 950 students. This was prepping for the kids coming back to school and to make sure they have all the supplies they need.

Research suggests that music may help ward off hearing loss. As we get older, we lose tiny hair cells that give way for sound to reach our brains and we lose needed neurons in the inner ear, which reduces our capacity to hear…

According to NPR and recent research, to dodge hearing loss, we should embrace music. Turns out musicians were 40% better than non-musicians when tuning out background noise and hearing sentences. They could decipher low notes from high notes and detect different tonal qualities. Music-interaction gives our nervous system sound-to-meaning connections, which strengthens our auditory system.