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AMKE: The List 8-11-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

With the historic recall elections underway, spending records have been sky high. Money spent on the elections both by special interest groups and the candidates themselves is beyond record levels. The estimated total for all of the races is more than $30 million. The last two Democrat recall elections will be held on Tuesday. To learn more, visit www.jsonline.com.

Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley Business Park is starting to fill up. It’s attracting new development such as Suzy’s Cream Cheesecakes Facility, Rexnord Industries and there are talks of a new outlet for the Urban Ecology Center on the southern part of the valley. Menomonee Valley Partners have been doing a great deal to draw new projects to the surrounding neighborhoods, which in turn would create more jobs for Milwaukee. To see a layout of the valley, go to www.jsonline.com.

“Pedestrian Drama”, a public art installation designed by Artist Janet Zwieg of Brooklyn, is making it’s way downtown along East Wisconsin Avenue. It’s currently getting installed after being in the works for several years. The project is made of mechanical flap signs that used to be seen in train stations. So when you’re walking downtown, you’ll see kiosks installed on electrical poles, and when you get close to them, the artwork will activate and start to flap. Pretty neat, right? It’s sort of a visual story of pedestrian encounters. To learn more about Zwieg and her pieces, visit www.tapmilwaukee.com.

The latest with the U.S. credit rating has a lot of home owners worried about buying or selling a home. Milwaukee home prices are actually down 5.5%. They’re expected to dip even more by spring 2012, before rising again. Milwaukee saw the biggest drop in home prices throughout all of Wisconsin. More info at www.jsonline.com.

Calling all...babies! Yes, that’s right, babies! The Milwaukee Health Department is looking for the next strong baby. It’s on a search for babies willing to be the face of healthier pregnancy. The campaign is part of Mayor Barrett’s effort to address the city’s infant mortality problem through education. The babies picked will have their pictures appear on public service announcements, billboards and bus shelters throughout the city. Have you spotted the cardboard, cut-out baby on the streets of Milwaukee? If not, check it out here: www.jsonline.com.

Congratulations to the Medical College of Wisconsin! They received a $13 million grant that will allow them to lead an international team for a “Virtual Rat Project”...The team will build a computer model of the rat’s inner workings. So why is this important? Well the rat has become the most common stand-in for the human body when it comes to scientific experiments. Interesting, isn’t it? To keep reading, visit www.jsonline.com.