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AMKE: The List 7-27-11

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1. Reality or Rubbish
We added a new segment to the show today. It’s called Reality or Rubbish. Thanks to the internet, there's a lot of fantastical news and it’s shared constantly, lowering our expectations of what truly is “unusual.”  To illustrate this point, I’ve gleamed two headlines from the Internet that are completely true. Than I had Mortimer, our make believe intern craft a third, totally fake headline. Here were the headlines..

The latest stars of the Russian stage? A trio of elephants with custom shoes performing at the Moscow Ballet.

A Southern California man stuck a butter knife into his belly in a failed attempt to remove a painful hernia.

An African tortoise that recently had its front left leg amputated is now moving just fine, thanks to a swiveling wheel attached to his shell by doctors at Washington State.

Here are the links to the real stories.


2.  REAL News items discussed
Milwaukee's Downtown Streetcar Line is moving forward

Juneau Bridge Construction Begins Monday

Conversion of Wells Street to Two-Way Traffic

Walmart Internet Movie Business

Wisconsin Postal Service Closures

Packers Leap in Team Revenue

3. Oh The Guardian likes younger girls you say?
You like us, you really like us Britannia. At least, that’s what the Guardian says. They got their facts straight, avoided easy generalizations and sounded enthusiastic about the city.

4. We made a blog.
Welcome to our new written feature to accompany our audio broadcast. It will cover stuff we’ve talked about on the air and other things we find interesting (that we didn’t talk about on the air). It will be in list format because we’ve been told on good authority that people enjoy lists. It will not have a specific number of items for said list because that leads to undue expectations and watered down content, unless the number is low. Then it leads to being awfully underwhelming. Greater than 2 but no greater than 8, how’s that? Plus, no significance to order. Each item is equally significant or insignifcant.

Finally, counting down is very 20th century. Let’s count up. This way, you won’t know when the content ends. Unless you’re still using scroll bars. Then it will be a minor mystery at best.

5. Is this the worst call you’ve ever seen? (VIDEO)
Sure there have been blown baseball calls. Don Denkinger and the Cardinals spring to mind. So does Jim Joyce and the near perfect game in Detroit. This however, might be the worst call in televised baseball history. With a tie game in the bottom of the 19th inning and a play at the plate, do you think umpire Jerry Meals is thinking “I hope it’s close so I can just call him safe and go home.”  (Answer after watching this clip: Yes)


Now trending on twitter: #jerrymealssaysitssafe as in: An island full of dinosaurs in captivity? Count me in cuz #jerrymealssaysitssafe

PS I would embed this clip but Major League Baseball doesn’t allow it. They really must have a nice layout over at mlb.com they’d like to showcase.

6. Thanks for listening.

We’re thrilled to be here. Talk tomorrow.