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AMKE: The List 12-13-11

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Milwaukee's Deputy City Treasurer announced yesterday that all Milwaukee property tax bills that were mailed Friday have wrong information on them. What's important for property owners to know is that the "amount owed" portion of the property tax bills is correct but the supporting information printed on all of the bills is wrong. If property owners have questions, they're asked to visit the City of Milwaukee website or stop by the "help kiosk" at City Hall.

Come New Years Day, San Francisco will be making history by becoming the first U.S City to make $10 the new minimum wage. Back in 03, San Francisco passed a proposition that requires the city to increase the minimum wage each year, based on a formula tied to inflation and cost of living.

With Wisconsin’s new voter-id law moving in full swing next year, voters are going to see a lot of ad campaigns promoting the new requirement. The effort of educating Wisconsin voters will involve a website, print ads, billboards, brochures, TV and radio spots, and a hotline. All of these are designed to inform voters the law takes effect come the February primary election.

President Obama’s Administration just announced its new “Office of Manufacturing Policy”. The goal is to aggressively implement the administration’s priority manufacturing initiatives while pushing for a strong sector that will put Americans back to work. Right now, Wisconsin leads the nation with the highest share of its workforce employed in manufacturing.

Thousands of Wisconsin residents now have permits to carry concealed weapons, but Milwaukee Lawmaker Josh Zepnick is proposing a bill that would ban guns from gas stations. Zepnick says that many station owners, employees and customers are among those who suffered ongoing crime around the business. The hope is that from banning guns and pushing for increased punishment might help break the pattern of gas stations being targeted for crime.

UW-Milwaukee’s student newspaper known as “The Post” plans to file a lawsuit against two former student government officials for theft. UWM Post journalists claim the student government officials stole 800 newspaper copies from stands on October 31st. The newspaper has video footage of the theft, but both of the accused officials denied any involvement with the theft allegations.