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AMKE: The List 11-3-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

Southeastern Wisconsin's state foreclosure filings dropped 25 % in October, compared to the same time from 2010. Last month there was a combined total of 806 mortgage foreclosure filings in Milwaukee and the six surrounding counties. This trend is showing a general yearlong of fewer filings.

The Assembly voted to eliminate minority status from scholarships during a preliminary vote yesterday. Basically the bill removes being a minority as one of the qualifications for students looking for higher education grants for poor families - specifically known as the Talent Incentive Program. The final Assembly vote happens today and the Senate won't decide to take up the measure until next year.

Layton Boulevard West Neighbors plans on unveiling the area’s “Quality of Life” plan during an annual group gathering tonight. It’s taken nine months of work, and the community-based plan involved more than 250 neighbors and partners. The hope is to see more growth between Layton Boulevard West, Silver City and Burnham Park over the next few years.

The State Transportation Projects Commission just announced its biggest concern and now top priority is the 3.5-mile stretch of freeway near Miller Park. The plan is to renovate the freeway, east to west, and widen the roadway. There’s no word when the project will start and funding still needs to be sorted out.

Recently, County Exec Chris Abele vetoed $50,000 that would have gone to build a sculpture in Bay View. The project was set to be in a triangle near Howell, KK and Lincoln Avenues. Abele said he supports the arts, but given the county’s high deficit, he couldn’t justify spending taxpayer money for a public art piece at this time. However a few aldermen that support the project believe the veto will be overridden.

UW-Milwaukee is inviting students, administrators, policymakers, and the general public to attend its 15th annual “Urban Forum.” It’s a chance to learn and talk about how education is impacted largely by urban, social, political, and economic issues. The urban forum wants to motivate individuals to take action and awareness throughout classrooms and organizations. The event starts at 6 tonight in UWM’s Union.