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AMKE: The List 10-27-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

Wisconsin is one of the five states going to the Supreme Court with a plea for quicker action when it comes to the Asian carp migrating between the great lakes and Mississippi river watersheds. Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are basically suing the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and Chicago’s water district. They want to separate the Great Lakes and Mississippi Basins in the Chicago area.

Today Still Waters Collective is bringing together young people from all over Milwaukee for the “Third Power Conference.” It’s a chance for students to explore art activism, experience creative work and engage in discussions with professional artists and peers from across the city. The conference is also a reminder that Milwaukee’s youth are ready to make a difference in the world.

Milwaukee constructed the nation’s first raised bike lane in the Midwest. It’s part of a pilot project to add bike lanes. It’s in bay view and crews resurfaced Bay Street from Russell to KK and constructed the raised bike lane from Potter to Lenox. The pilot project lets the city test maintenance equipment like snowplows and street sweepers with the bike lane up and running.

President Obama is trying to ease student loan debt for recent college graduates. Under an income-based repayment plan, President Obama will lower monthly payments and it will be available to borrowers in 2012 instead of 2014 when it was originally passed. The Obama Administration estimates that 1.6 million students will be eligible for the plan.

Several of Milwaukee’s central city residents have been testifying on a proposal to close up to five neighborhood post offices. They’re doing so at public hearings and tonight, there’s another one. The U.S. Postal Service is looking at closing three-dozen post offices in Wisconsin, including the five here in Milwaukee due to financial difficulties. Tonight’s hearing is at the Villard Square Library off North 35th Street.

Future Milwaukee is a leadership program of 23 working professionals, and they use their skills and knowledge to complete art-related community projects. The goal is to develop a diverse group of leaders who can create change in Milwaukee. Marquette’s College of Professional Studies operates it and over the next nine months, participants will attend over 22 sessions.