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AMKE: The List 10-12-11

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1. AMKE News Rundown

It’s a hot topic right now, our nation’s high unemployment rate and the weak growth in jobs. Yesterday the Senate said no to President Obama’s $447 billion jobs bill. Republicans turned down the bill because how it’s paid for left very little option for it going any further.

Speaking of employment, “Craftsmen Restoration Guild” is an organization that’s rehabilitating foreclosed homes throughout the community and the Walnut Way Conservation Corp is giving out of work and skilled tradesmen living in Lindsay Heights a chance to be a part of that program. Men young and old are putting their skills to work while restoring homes and making them livable again.

Today six MPS schools will be honored as “Wisconsin Schools of Recognition” during a ceremony at the state Capitol. Students in these schools have above average scores on standardized tests despite the fact that majority of the students live in poverty. You can find a list of the schools, here.

The Wisconsin State Democratic Party went ahead and said the recall effort of Governor Walker is a “go”. Petitions will start circulating on November 15th. Supporters of the election will need to collect more than 540,000 signatures by mid-January. However the Republican Party of Wisconsin welcomes the recall effort and encourages opponents to compare Walker’s policies with those of Jim Doyle.

Today Milwaukee’s very own Will Allen of Growing Power is being honored during the James Beard Foundation Food Conference in New York City. Allen is one of 10 visionaries, including First Lady Michelle Obama, who are creating a more healthy, sustainable and safe food world.

So yesterday Bjork released the first ever “app-album”. Hers called “Biophilia” is a collection of games, visualizations and musical scores that go along with Bjork’s songs. Each song is basically a visual-and-audio experience. So her song crystalline allows users to collect different crystals as they travel through a bunch of tunnels.