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a.MKE: County Board bill, Cubist art donation to the Met, Oshkosh Corp and chocolate! 4.10.13

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Gov. Scott Walker voiced his support on Tuesday for a WI proposal to downsize the Milwaukee County Board. The bill, if approved by voters, would limit County Board member salaries to $24,000, with no benefits. It would also more clearly define where the County Board's authority ends and the county executive's begins. Members of the Board are planning a press conference in the State Capitol building a half-hour before the 10am hearing as a counter-attack to this bill.

As reported by JSOnline, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will receive the largest gift of art in its history from Estee Lauder cosmetics heir, Lenoard A. Lauder. The Collection, considered one of the foremost collections of Cubist works in the world, includes works by Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris and is valued at $1.1 billion.

In reaction to deep cuts in U.S. military spending and the end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Oshkosh Corp. announced their plans to lay off 900 employees in its Fox Valley defense division starting in June. That's about 25% of the workforce that makes military trucks. Oshkosh said it's taken numerous steps to lessen the impact of the upcoming layoffs, including bringing work back to the factory that was outsourced, a move that saved 165 production jobs.

In food and technology news, Chemists have found a new way to reduce the fat of chocolate using liquids. Normal chocolate gets much of its velvety feel from an emulsion of fat globules suspended within the solid. The American Chemical Society has discovered a formula using spheres of liquid made from silica (which is what sand is made from) and a compound derived from shellfish that can hold water, fruit juice or even alcohol instead of fat.