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Lupe Fiasco's new album is slated for release in March of 2011.  That's not soon enough for many die hard Lupe fans.  If you are anxious to get your hands on this disc , you may have been one of the 1,000s of Lupe fans who signed the Lasers petition that went to Atlantic records.

Through the magic of social networking and the web, Lupe fans were able to gather over 30,000 signatures, demanding Atlantic to take the Lasers album off the shelf and put it out there for the people.

This approach worked, and an official single from the forthcoming album was officially released on his website back in October.

I'll have that track up for you on Thursday, but first I thought we'd look at  a cool track from his sophomore release The Cool.

Do you remember this track?



Beautiful track huh?  It comes from a beautiful sample...

Lupe's go to producer Soundtrakk grabbed up a cool album from Eumir Deodato.  In 1978 he released Love Island. It featured this great track called "San Juan Sunset".