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5 O'Clock Shadow - April 13, 2011 - Street Fighting Man

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15 years ago, Rage Against the Machine really upset Saturday Night Live. SNL is no stranger to distuptive performances, as Sinead O' Connor and Nirvana can attest to.  Rage, for those unfamiliar, were preaching what could be best called "anachary 101" and decided to play that up on their SNL debut. 

They tried to hang inverted flags from their amps. SNL was not pleased. I'm guessing the cameraman who was tasked with avoiding said flags was really annoyed. 

and 40 years ago, the Rolling stones unleased this :

What your face minus your head might look like.

When you really look at it, it messes with your head.

We mark these occasions with "Street Fighting Man" orignally performed by the Rolling Stones and later covered by Rage Against the Machine.