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New Milwaukee Music Round Up

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Over the last month or so, I have been sitting on some new tunes from Milwaukee artists.  Check out new music from these nine artists and bands.


Canopies - "Miss You Now"

It has been a while since we heard new music from the band Canopies. Yesterday, Canopies returned with a new single called "Miss You Now" from their forthcoming album.



Honeynoir - "Intergalactical Wonder"

Honeynoir recently relocated to Madison, but the tune is produced by Milwaukee's Jon Frost and co-produced by Demix and Christian Shebesta.



Kiings x Rae Cassidy - "Feel"

The Milwaukee duo joins forces with Milwaukee native & San Fermin's frontwoman Rae Cassidy for this new tune called "Feel."



Lorn & Dolor - "One For Barta"

Milwaukee's Lorn teamed up again with Chicago's Dolor for the track "One For Barta"



3's Company - "US Haze" produced by Sage Schwarm

As young teenagers, Kid Millions (Krazy K),A2fae Diamond Studded (2fer) & DJ Brain first collaborated as the vocal architects of the Milwaukee hip-hop group 3’s Company. Their work culminated in the release of an EP cassette in 1995 and many live performances. Now, they have reunited for their new single "US Haze."



The Mike Benign Compulsion - "Haley Daley"

This is the first single from The Mike Benign Compulsion's forthcoming album entitled Here How It Works.



Jamie Breiwick - "Brothers On A Hotel Bed"

This song was actually recorded live on WMSE in 2008, but it recently was released to bandcamp and it appeard in my feed the other day (it is new to me).  The track is a cover of the tune by Death Cab For Cutie.



Worrier - Broken Glass Ceiling

This single from Milwaukee's Worrier was actually released on cassette. The cassettes were taped and silkscreened over thrift store cassettes, each with individually unique artwork and b-sides. 



Lex Allen - Anoymous Vibes

I discovered this release via a review in the Shepherd Express by Evan Rytlewski.