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New Milwaukee Music l Dogs in Ecstasy

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Dat Cruel God is the new release from Milwaukee band Dogs in Ecstasy. Everyone talks about that lo-fi beach rock out of the bay area a la bands like Hunx and his Punx, Ty Segall, or Thee Oh Sees, but I think there is a beach rock scene that is far overlooked. We need not look past the rocky, and garbage filled beached of our own Lake Michigan. Dogs in Ecstacy's music is just as skuzzy and seedy as some of Oakland's filthiest. And yet has the cool composure and refined manners to write a song like e-cig, were their protagonist basks in the "cool blue light" of an electronic cigarette. Dogs in Ecstacy does what the best lo-fi grage rock bands do, and that is to not take itself so seriously. From an album named Dat Cruel God, to their noted "hilarious social media presence" Dogs in Ecstacy is a band that you just want to listen to as you reheat a piece of day old frozen pizza and take some of the hair of the dog that bit you. In other words, we love this album and highly reccomend it.