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Milwaukee Artist Profile: Myles Coyne

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I caught up with Myles while on tour with his post hardcore band TEMPLE to talk about his flurry of creative output and his various contributions to the Milwaukee music scene. Coyne has an astounding ability to seemingly multiply himself and be all places at once. Read on to hear insights on what it is like to be a musician in today’s economic climate and a look into the all-in, frenetic lifestyle of Myles Coyne.  

-What bands do you currently play with?

I lead a folk outlet called Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel Band. I also have been playing bass and touring in post hardcore band called TEMPLE for years. It’s actually is the first band I joined back in high school. If that wasn't enough, I also play bass in a nutty indie rock band, Animals In Human Attire

-What other projects are you currently involved in?

I try to help co-manage my bass player's band, Ugly Brothers. But they don't really need my help. In the past I have contributed to The Fatty Acids’ recent album and live shows. I was also a part of the early incarnation of the Madison group Pushmi-Pullyu. I love hanging out with fellow band peeps, recording parts or trying to learn their songs. As a player, it is fun putting yourself in the shoes of another project and trying to see what you can come up with. I also have recently been sending a few recording ideas to another Madison band, Nude Human. They have a fun obsession with any form of media I send them (child photos, home recordings, etc.) I don't know if much will come of that aside from some cool recordings! My friend Kyle Pfister recently started the organization, Ninjas for Health, to help raise awareness of the many health care rights in Wisconsin for many musicians. They have been working crazy hard on the project. So I threw down some vocals on their theme song "Sing Forward"

-How do you manage to have such a varied and productive creative output?

I live in the practice space aka my house, known as ‘Chapter III’. Over the years a ton of band peeps have moved in and out. "Paying their dues". Also each band I am in has a different genre with a different singer. There is a lot of collaboration in our household that is based around the comradery of our friends/bands. 

- Do you have a day job/what is your day job/how do you manage to balance all of these projects?

I don't. It’s very hard in that sense. I have a day job that just pays the bills. I hang flyers on the side, use food stamps, and play a few solo shows to raise some personal funds. Most of the time I am pretty broke. The bands do great at shows with pay and merch. But the band money goes right back into the band, which I'm okay with because it keeps the momentum of the band(s) going and doing new things. I guess I could get a real job... but that sucks. I am only going to be young for so long. I'd rather spend my youth touring out and living the dream than sitting at home stuck in some day job.

-What are you doing currently?

I have been on tour with TEMPLE this January. We made a ton of great stops on the way down to Texas and back. We might have even landed a SXSW gig! We've been playing basements, punk houses and DIY spaces for about two weeks now. There was a good stretch where we met up with our Milwaukee friends, bands, Marcy and Crowdpleaser, for about four shows. Having a three band Milwaukee bill on the road has been amazing. Everyone we talk to has been like "Damn, music in Milwaukee is dope"

-At this point you have made yourself into an important cornerstone of the Milwaukee “DIY” scene, what did you do to get here and what are your goals for the future?

Most of our projects have put out albums this year. So I am aiming to try and top those releases with new song and higher production. I also plan to keep up our constant touring. A booking agent or manager would be nice... looking into it.

-What are you views on the current state of the Milwaukee music scene?

Milwaukee has one of the best music scenes in America. I can really stand by that. There is a lot of diversity: indie bands, festivals, hot spot venues. All of these things sort of overshadow the huge DIY scene. There are so many legit punk bands in town, most of them are young kids, hosting shows and helping out of town bands. I think it's time everyone in the city figures it out. I mean, there are kids that are barely 21 and they are going on consecutive tours, whereas the city's "top bands" just play the same venues over and over again. I hope to see these bands recognized on a large scale soon.

-What do you think is the most important thing for the Milwaukee music scene to continue to grow and evolve?

People need to go to shows. Not just THEIR shows. Everyone's shows. And they need to bring a friend. It’s fun, and easy, and it creates a better community. So many people just set up a show thinking people will just come. Get out of your house and go to a local show!

Upcoming Myles Coyne events:

Animals In Human Attire are releasing a new album with a release show April 11th at Linnemans. The band will release a limited edition CD/cassette tape on the Madison label, Mine All Mine Records.

 Myles Coyne and the Rusty Nickel Band will be putting out a new single "Empire" in April.

Temple is playing at Quarters March 14th with Northless and Zebra.

Myles will be playing a solo show at Linnemans on March 8th