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A Mid Day Reggae Minimix...Part 1

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Today, I had a mini revelation. And thought I'd bring back a concept I used to do far more in the early days of Sound Travels; the minimix. Really, this is a response to the many who've been asking if we could podcast Sound Travels. While podcasting isn't in the cards for us because of some legal niceties, minimixes are. They're one way to present a flow of music available for one-click playable easyness. My hope is that you can use these mixes in your own travels and situations when you want something to listen to.

So I look forward to making more of these, maybe daily. The 'mix' is not really a DJ mix, but selector style. Whereas Sunday's Sound Travels is more of a DJ mix, these will leave the songs pretty much intact. So that said, today was more of the newish reggae I've been playing for y'all. An update for those of you that are still on the old stuff. 

Sound Travels 05/30/12 - Reggae MiniMix

Bob Marley "So Much Trouble In The World" Survival


Tony Rebel "Love Fountain" If Jah


Gentleman "Good Old Days feat. Sugar Minott" Diversity


BiD "Little Johnny feat. Chico Cesar & Jah Marcus" Bambas Dois


Junior Kelly "Love So Nice" Love So Nice