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Studio Session | Cayucas

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Yesterday, we were lucky enough to have a special in studio session with an 88Nine favorite, indie pop-rock band, Cayucas (ky-yook-us).  Traveling from their home of California, on tour, the band was gracious enough to make a stop in Milwaukee.  They performed four songs and chatted about their album, and more, with 88Nine's own Marcus Doucette. 

Cayucas was originally named Oregon Bike Trails, but inspired by the name of a town in California called Cayucos, which is also the name of one of their songs, they made the change to Cayucas.  The town, Cayucos, is known to be a "never changing" town, which pairs well with the nostalgic sounds and lyrics that the band produces.  Cayucas is made up of a great group of talented guys, they are: front man Zach Yudin, his twin brother Ben Yudin on bass, Russel Henson on Guitar, and Casey Wojtalewicz on drums.

We adored these guys, and having them here made everyone's day.  I think the feeling was mutual considering they wanted to live here... The guys took the time to talk with each of their adoring fans, sign merchandise, and pose for photos.  Cayucas also made some memorable moments in our new building, being the first band to use our washer & dryer, and the first band to sign our wall and sign a record for us.  Our shower almost got its first use, but that history will just have to be made by another band!

Cayucas played a show at The Rave Eagles Club last night, and their next destination is Minneapolis, where they will be playing at 7th Street Entry, tonight.  Their performance was spot on, and they had everyone moving.  Their beachy essence is truly electric live.  The show had a good turn out and a good vibe, which made for a good time.  Again, they spent time with their fans, and each member even got proposed to by a big fan!  Being so sweet and appreciative to their fans, and performing live as well as they do, this band is going places...

Check out their music, tour info, and more here!

Click here to listen to the performance and view photos from the in studio session!