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Let Yourself Get Down with DR John

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This week's 2 O'Clock Break segement is filled with odd ball samples and onscure breaks.  I found this sample last year around Mardi Gras, while I was doing some research to see who had sampled the great Dr. John.

Luscious Jackson created some of the best 90s Alternative jams in my opninion.  I always loved this group.  They had very close ties to the Beastie Boys.  Their first show was with the Beastie Boys, they were Grand Royal Label mates, and their drummer Kate, was the original drummer for the Beastie Boys.  ( When they were a punk rock quartet.)

In 1992, Luscious Jackson released their debut EP In Search Of Manny.  THis EP used many cool samples, including this Dr. John classic, "Right Place, Wrong Time."

This track was sampled in Lusicous Jackson's "Let Yourself Get Down."