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The Repairers of the Breach/Meet the Need Organization

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Repairers of the Breach, also known for being Milwaukee’s only daytime homeless shelter and resource center, is one particular organization making sure to meet Milwaukee’s homeless population’s needs. It’s where the homeless go and become a member, “members of a community of homeless people in transition to the mainstream.”

Repairers of the Breach are able to facilitate anywhere from 130 to 150 homeless adults every single day, which totals to be nearly 3,000 individuals each year.

I met with Executive Director, MacCanon Brown. She’s a kind, sweet lady who puts her needs aside to help out the homeless each and every day.

To find out how you can donate, become more involved or to simply hear Repairers of the Breach’s message, click the podcast below.

If'd you like to volunteer, click here.