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"Meet The Need": Day 4 of 50 | Thoughts For Veterans Day

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Listen: On Veterans Day and Day 4 of 50 in Meet The Need, we hear from the Center For Veterans Issues. This week, we've had a number of discussions on veterans (the Veterans For Peace Homeless Veterans initiative on Day 3 of Meet The Need, check out what YP Impact's doing, Guitars For Vets, and learn about Dry Hootch) and we keep it going with work the Center For Veterans Issues is doing in meeting the needs of homeless veterans.

-First, Bob Cocroft from the Center For Veterans Issues gives the profile of a homeless veteran and how they work to address that problem:


-Bob gets into his personal motivation to do this kind of work and how he started wrapping his head around the needs of veterans after he returned from the Vietnam War:


-With two wars going on, there is a large number of younger troops who are returning from war:


-Finally, if you'd like to get involved with their work, Bob let's you know what you can do:


This year, we ask you to adopt one or two organizations that connect with you. Want to get involved with the Center For Veterans Issues? Donate, volunteer, or check out their work yourself. And you can start with their website.