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“Meet the Need”: Day 11 of 50 | Simplifying the Home Buying Process for families in need

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Buying a home can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Allied Churches Teaching Self Empowerment makes it easier.

Allied Churches Teaching Self Empowerment (ACTS) helps families in Milwaukee become homeowners. They work with families throughout the whole process; helping build credit, finding financing that homeowners can afford, working as real estate brokers and even planning a rehab project on a house that needs a little TLC.

ACTS began in the 1980’s when some members of St. Michael’s church near 24th St. and Cherry wanted to improve the area around their church. At the time the area was full of crime and blighted homes. By slowly integrating more permanent residents in the area, they’ve seen crime go down and neighborhoods improve.

They’ve helped over 1000 families buy homes over the years and provide a truly unique service.

If you’re interested in helping out, please visit their website.

Some background on how ACTS got started and how they've helped improve some neighborhoods through home ownership:


ACTS Executive Director Carl Quindel shares a story of a family getting a home and the pride that comes with it:


Lastly, Carl talks about how ACTS will work with a family through every process of the home-buying process and beyond: