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Cartuna Artist Steve Wirtz/Make Milwaukee 2012 Week 1

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There's no doubt that local artists help make Milwaukee a creative city. I went to explore a different kind of art...one that I haven't 'messed' with since probably 8th grade. I'm talking about papier-mache, better known as 'chewed paper'.

Cartuna Artist Steve Wirtz has a beautifully lit studio space that is quite literally nestled away where Bay View meets St. Francis. When you walk into his studio, it's difficult to decide which sculpture to look at, as there are literally hundreds of dogs, cows, fish, and wired figures staring back at you.

Honestly, I had a blast and the experience was reminiscent of my childhood art classes. Interested? To learn more about Steve's history and how his love for cartoons, sculptures and papier-mache has led him beyond his studio and into local classrooms, click the podcast below.

Steve is both an artist and a mentor, and he helps make Milwaukee a more unique and creative place. To see his work, click here: www.cartuna.net