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The YMCA and Neighbors Teaching Neighbors/Make a Difference Week 6

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Mike Soika (rhymes with Perestroika) is the Vice President  of Social Responsibility for the Milwaukee Metro YMCA. Social responsibility? What is THAT? Does he follow you around and make sure you properly dispose of your trash and recyling? Nope. What he has created, based on a model out of Philly, is, well, city-wide altruism. Neighbors Teaching Neigbors is a program that provides courses taught by....neighbors. Are you a foodie? Come volunteer to teach a course on culinary craftiness. Love art? Then volunteer to share your visual visions with participants. Participants can take a class,  or teach a class. The program wishes to bring together the rich, diverse talents of our richly diverse city and share in the learning and teaching experience through volunteerism. You can even take a Reiki class! What's Reiki? Find out by clicking on the links above.