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Walnut Way Conservation Corp Volunteers/Make a Difference Week 6

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The Walnut Way Conversation Corp started its first community block party, Harvest Day, back in 2000. Harvest Day marks the end of a productive season while also preparing for the year ahead. It's all about community engagement and getting to know local families and residents.

I went to the 11th Annual Harvest Day to find out more about the Conservation Corp volunteers. It was easy to see that the volunteers had a large place in their heart for Walnut Way. They say the Walnut Way is anybody and everybody's house. It's all about bringing together people with innovating ideas so they can work on building and maintaing strong partnerships.  
Harvest Day is Lindsay Heights' largest neighborhood festival, bringing in roughly 400 visitors each year. Click below to find out what the Conservation Corp has to offer and why the volunteers love what they do.