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RadioMilwaukee's Community Stories Best of 2010 - Make A Difference!

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Listen: After spending time with youth in the summer, 88Nine RadioMilwaukee gets motivated with the folks working to effect change in our city. During our 2010 Make A Difference campaign, we focusing on volunteering, mentoring, environment, and the crucial 2010 election. Under these headings we heard from a range of voices, each finding deep rewards in their community.

In finding some of the best work going on in our community, I found myself scrambling after folks while they canvassed neighborhoods around the city, tested river waters, took boat rides, played dodge ball, and worked to meticulously organize food pantries. Like one of our tag lines said -- folks got their hands dirty.

Barbara Stein is a majorly cool lady -- she's been volunteering in the Milwaukee community nearly her whole life and was overflowing with stories about these experiences. One that stood out to me for a million different reasons was the time she transformed into Santa Barbara:


Between last year's Safe Streets, Healthy Kids and Make A Difference campaigns, I decided it was time for me to take my own advice and get further involved. So, I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters and became a mentor. And why not use my own experiences to entice our audience to join me?


Jim Godsil is a true Milwaukee icon. Over the years, his commitment to Renaissance and the city has taken many exciting forms, including his current adventures with Sweetwater Organics. In this piece, he shares his newfound love for composting with us:


I've been to Fondy Market a number of times and have never quite figured out how to capture the experience in audio. So many vibrant colors, smells, people, and conversations. In this piece, I throw my indecision out the window and get down with the vendors of Fondy:


I'd heard the name "DJ Willie Shakes" involved in so many projects, so I wasn't surprised to see him involved in the 2010 election. And when we sat down and spoke, I was thoroughly impressed at his approach to solving a difficult problem -- getting youth out to the polls in a crucial election:


So much difference being made in the Milwaukee community! And there are so many more stories weren't able to tell. If you're out there doing good work, be patient -- hopefully we'll find you soon! The final recap for Meet The Need tomorrow.