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Forest Service and Milwaukee County Parks Team Up/Make a Difference Week 7

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Got the bug? I do. And so do Brian Russart and Jan Schultz. These two people love their jobs, love the flora and fauna of Wisconsin, and Jan..well..she really loves...pollinators. What are pollinators, you might ask? Well, they just happen to be those lovely little bees buzzing around your flowerbed, and those monarch flutterbies fluttering by your window, and those dusky moths mothing around at dusk (just to name a few).

Jan Schultz is the Botany and non-native Invasive Species Program Manager (now, that's a mouthful) with USDA Forest Service Eastern Division, and Brian Russart is an Outreach Specialist with UW-Extension and Natural Areas Coordinator with Milwaukee County Parks. They met with me at the Forest Service's offices in the uber-cool Gaslight building to talk about their partnership in environmental education, the creation of green-spaces right smack dab in the middle of the city, and their love of bees and beetles. Catch the buzz.