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Dr. Sandra McClellan Loves Water and The School of Freshwater Science/Make a Difference Week 1

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Dr. Sandra McClellan, Associate Professor and Senior Scientist at UWM's School of Freshwater Science, is on a mission to clean up our water. She and a cadre of students work diligently to ensure the longevity of Lake Michigan, deal with storm water run-off, those pesky gulls, and human-produced pollution. Since Lake Michigan ultimately provides a "lab in our backyard" (her words), the School of Freshwater Science knows that Lake Michigan, our rivers, and our access safe and clean water is paramount to the sustainability of OUR ecosystem.

I drove down to the very, very end of Greenfield Avenue (east) where the School of Freshwater Science is located and met with Dr. McClellan to discuss her concerns, her work, and her mission as a steward and scientist.