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Cream City Gardens/Make a Difference Week 5

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Cream City Gardens is a unique urban farm that grows food for the meal program at The Guest House, a men's homeless shelter, in addition to the Friedens Community Ministries which operate the emergency food pantries in Milwaukee.

The idea behind the gardens is to work with homeless and low income individuals. The gardens have taught the men of The Guest House how to learn to grow food for themselves, different food programs and the community. It prepares the men for a possible career in gardening and urban farming. 
If you'd like to see the farm for yourself, you can ride, drive or walk pass The Guest House and you'll find it on 1229 N. 13th Street. 
I went to Cream City Garden's 2011 Harvest Festival to find out more about how the garden beds got started. I met the genuine and motivated, Cream City Organizer David Johnson. I also spoke with Keith Archer, who's currently staying at The Guest House, and Planning Team Member/MCW Student, Tyler Ulbrich. 
There's ways you can get involved, so to find out more, just listen to the podcast below.