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Be Heard: Sojourner Family Peace Center presents an Evening Of Hope

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Sojourner Family Peace Center is committed to creating communities where people live peacefully.  Their mission is to create peaceful communities in which domestic respect and a life free from violence is the right of every woman, man and child.

This morning, Angela Mancuso, executive director of Sojourner Family Peace Center, joined Jordan in the studio to talk with Jordan about their upcoming event Evening of Hope.

The night recognizes the thousands of lives affected by domestic violence each year in the Milwaukee community. This annual event is held in hopes of raising awareness and support, so Sojourner Family Peace Center can continue to be a safe haven for survivors. This year’s event will take place Thursday, Nov. 4, at the Bradley Center.

You can find more information on the Sojouner Family Peace Center and their party at www.familypeacecenter.org

Check out what Angela had to say about the event.