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Of the North and Echelon String Quartet

Thu, 03/14/2013 -
9:00pm to 11:30pm
Up and Under
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The Echelon String Quartet specializes in playing non traditional string quartet music including original arrangements and newly composed pieces. Will they play some Tool, Muse, and Florence and the Machine, or will they play some music by contemporary American composers, or will they play some arrangements of gypsy and jazz music? Yes. Yes they will. All. https://soundcloud.com/echelon-string-quartet

Of the North is a Milwaukee based folk band performing original music that is inspired by our Wisconsin heritage. Our live shows combine folk, bluegrass, and traditional American music with a variety of instrumentation including cello, trumpet, percussion, and rich vocal harmony. http://ofthenorthwi.com/

And if you stick around until the end, the bands plan on joining forces to play some combined tunes.

Of the North