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Mortgage Freeman • Fancytramp (nsh) • Tigernite Live Sept. 10th

Tue, 09/10/2013 - 9:00pm
Quarter's Rock and Roll Palace
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Mortgage Freeman and Tigernite will be welcoming Fancytramp (from Nashville) at Quarter's on Sept. 10th.  The door is only $5 and the show starts at nine!


”FANCYTRAMP, a tight lil’ trio outta Nashville, Tennessee that roll out the heavy licks and heady grooves with a breezy nonchalance tinged with an unsettling downer dour mood.”  -Boston Hassle

“As something you could debatably call “bubble grunge” should, it features raw, riot grrrl-influenced instrumentation under sweet, pop-inflected vocals.” -Nashville Scene

“The reverb-heavy, droney guitars signal your slow descent down the creaky staircase, as the sludge kicks you down till you land flat on your ass in a puddle of gloopy, gunky bubblegum grunge.”
-Lisa Parisi, Get Bent